Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gel Extensions Promotion!

Hate your short nails? Now it's time for a Gel Extensions!!
We are offering 50% off all Gel Extensions, be it sculpture gel nails, or fake tips extensions!!

Why Gel Extensions?
It creates permanently shiny transparent natural looking nails without the odour of acrylic extensions, and there are no chemicals involved in the process. Layers of soft gel are brushed onto your natural nail and tip which is then hardened under a UV light to form a hard casing, ensuring long lasting beautiful natural looking nails. 
Gel nails are ideal for those wishing to protect their own nails whilst growing them. Your nails will feel remarkably natural and are less damaging than acrylic but are just as durable and longer lasting. They are good for weak or brittle nails or for a special occasion. 

(Photo) Glitter Gel Sculpture Extensions - NOW S$47.50 (UP: S$95)

Gel extensions nails are now more affordable at 50% off starting from S$30 and above!! Do yours today!!

Call us at 6899 1526 or SMS 9220 4260 for appointment. 

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