Monday, 30 July 2012

Secret in having FABULOUS nails

Many people forget the secret to a perfect manicure starts with strong, healthy nails! To keep your nails from breaking, splitting and chipping you have to think of your nutrition first. The biggest nutritional tip for healthy nails is to get plenty of vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 all have a beneficial effect on your fingers and toe nails.

We have just bring in the BEST, YES! BEST nail care systems yet, the Ecrinal Nail Products!!

Fortifying, Strengthening Nail Cream with ANP - $30

Hydrates, nourishes and stimulates the nail's growth. Enhances the suppleness, strengthens and protects them from fungal and microbial attacks ensuring a healthy and strong re-growth. (*Guaranteed Nail Growth)
Vectorized and reinforced formula: continuous spread of nutrient active ingredients (provitamin B5, methionin, silicium, ANP®, Capryloyl Silk Serinesilk Lipesters®). 

Vitamin-Enriched Nail Strengthener with Silk Lipesters® - $28 *SELLING FAST
This colorless and invisible product strengthens, repairs and protects nails against bacterial and fungal attacks. It also makes the nail more resistant and makes its re-growth easier. (*Guaranteed Nail Growth)

With Silicium, Provitamin B5, zinc, Silk Lipesters®

Flexible Base Coat - $28
Smoothes protects and corrects uneven nails. This polish gives a bright, healthy and flexible protective finish to the nails and makes colored polishes last longer. 

The nail is protected from damages due to yellowing and aging.

(Silicium, ginkgo biloba, pine-tree oil)

Top Coat Clear and Shiny - $28

High Resistance - Dries fast!

This Strengthener gives immediate strength, protection and high gloss shine to the nail. Can be used as a basecoat or top coat. (Silicium, methionine)
Nail Repair Serum with 10 precious oils - $28
This ultra-concentrated serum (97.8% of active ingredients) moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens damaged nails. It also helps soothe any irritations of nail contour and eliminates hangnails.

(Oils of rice bran, echium, sea-buckthorn, rosa-moschata, grape seeds, castor, sunflower, hazel, avocado and jojoba) 

Bitter Polish Solution - $28
Containing  Bitrex®, a very bitter ingredient that helps to prevent nail biting, this totally invisible polish also makes the re-growth easy. Can be safely used by kids from 3 years old.

Get you own 5 steps treatment (excluding Bitter Polish Solution) at $120 instead of $142!

If you do not want to get the whole set of the Nail Repair Treatment, or you are lazy to do it on your own, come down to FabuloCity! Just top up $8 (hands) and $10 (feet) to get the 5 steps treatment above (excluding Bitter Polish Solution), regenerate and revitalised your nails today!! 

Call us at 6899 1526 to book your appointment and treat your nails to what it deserved.

IT'S TESTED AND PROVEN!! *We have tried and we loved it!

**For Gel/Gelish lovers, stay tuned for our new products that allows you to continue having Gel/Gelish nails without the need for your nails to rest!!

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