Fab Pictures

The varieties of colours.

Our pedicure stations.

Choose your "desserts". Our varieties of scrubs.

Our latest art pieces.

Gel Extension + Bling Crystals!
Gelish Colour + Pink Ribbon with Crystals!
Gelish Colour + Gelish Leopard Prints Nail Art!
Orly Pink (2 Colours) + Polka Dot Nail Art with Sliver Metal Balls!
Gelish Colours (3 tones)
Gelish Colours (2 Colours) + Crystals Nail Art!
Different Gelish Colours
Different Gelish Colours
Orange Gel Glitter Tips with Light Pink Base!
Purple Gel Glitter Tips with Light Pink Base!
Gelish Colour with Glitter Tips + Acrylic Ribbons with Crystals!
OPI Pink + Nail Art with Crystals!
White Base with Pink French (Unique French Design) + Flowers Nail Art!
Glitter Gelish Colours (2 Colours) + Pink Ribbons with Crystal!
OPI French Colours + Bling Crystals!

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