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Our Fabulous Price List!! (OLD)

Paraffin Wax - Hands (S$18) Feet (S$25)

Your tired hands will be dipped in melted paraffin wax for softening and moisturizing. Paraffin wax is used because it can be heated to temperatures of over 95 °F (35 °C), without burning or injuring the hand. The intense heat allows for deeper absorption of emollients and essential oils. The wax is infused with various botanical ingredients such as Aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, and azulene.
Lotion is used on the hands before submersion into the paraffin bath. Your hands will be dipped twice to allow a thicker wax coat to form, making the coating stay warm for longer and less likely to break or tear prematurely. After the hands have been dipped in the wax, we will wrapped it in a plastic foil, or a special type of plastic bag and use a special mitten to retain warmth. The hands are left for a few minutes before the paraffin is cooled and dried.
Thereafter, you will get a soft and moisturize hands, you can feel the difference immediately!!

Callus Treatment - S$8/foot
Before and After!!

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